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The sharp observation of the world and the sense exploration through the eyes of brat who is charmed and provoked by the challenge of a school girl’s beauty.

The character-teller takes courage, digresses and plans ways to conquer the girl’s admiral. Hercules jobs propelled by feelings filled with innocence. A love that blossoms, as it always happens, with not much to explain.

Writing for kids, or better, stating from them, more than rewarding and revealing, is the greatest literary exercise I have ever found. And it discharges over the author the truest of the reasonable comments.

I present you now, in bilingual version, my dearest text. For the kids who won’t let the sugar die in their lives. E for the adults, so they can miss it. After all, who can forget the smell of the rain on the sidewalk?

Thank you Mom Rosa for the eternal cord. Lunguinho for the fraternity. Dani for the devotion on translating. Lívia for the unconditional shoulder.

Conrad Rose
November, 15th,  2006.


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